How To Send Large Files
Over The Internet

Transferring files is not always a fun task, and can be quite annoying to many. However, if we need to transfer a file to a person or business, we have to do what needs to be done. We do not have to do it the hard way though; all you have to do to make the task easier is to choose...

How to Block
Websites Manually

There are various software to block a website. When it is so easy to do it manually then why should one depend on some lame software. Most of the corporate companies want their employee to spend the work hours to equal productive hours.

Recession and More

Recession onlineMy AdSense CPM dropped 30% this week, I started to feel the recession impact on my websites – more traffic but much lower income. It’s kinda scary to imagine how bad it will be in the future.

Several years ago, I always encouraged my friends to start a website if they were interested. It wasn’t hard to earn some money at that time, many webmasters have several dozen websites. But it’s very different now, I will tell him it’s very difficult to earn money online if someone asks me. Recession is only one of the reasons, changes on Google side make small websites hard to survive (or grow, more accurately).

When you search something on Google, is often on the first page for almost anything. This means Google gives authoritative websites very heavy weight on rankings. This change has been spread into all fields. In a niche topic, there are a couple of authority websites which takes over most SE traffic, it becomes very hard for other small websites. So, either your website is quite successful or it can only buy you several hamburgers. There is no doubt that it’s extremely hard to gain the authority status from Google.

Should you start a website? If you want to earn money, think it again, you need to have a very solid long-term plan. If you do it for personal interest, do it, you can get free hosting everywhere, it’s also very cheap to use you own domain name and commercial hosting. $10/month would be the maximum cost.

I have put ads on every possible websites, also plan to shutdown some garbage websites. I can see many many websites will disappear in this cold winter.

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Do Outbound Links Hurt Ranking?

Outbound LinksDo massive outbound links hurt the rankings? Not necessarily. Please note that it’s different from linking to bad neighbors in site-wide range.

Besides directories, digitalpoint forum has probably the most outbounds links, almost every member put four random links in their signatures, but this forum has very strong rankings. A few other webmaster forums are very strict on signature usage, and they didn’t out-rank DP although they were older. My member ID on DP is under 1000, have been watching this forum grow, I’m always amazed at its rankings.

I know this is not a good example, I wouldn’t draw such a conclusion with it either. I setup a blog for an active member on my forum two years ago. She doesn’t care about outbound links at all, she linked to many pages nearly in every blog post. I don’t like her writing from a webmaster’s point of view. But only one year later, the blog started to rank very well, also has site-links on Google.

This makes sense, as long as these links are not paid, these web pages give visitors more options for further read, isn’t it the way Internet worked before? Over the years, we have heard of too many bad stories of bad links and became over cautious. Time to change for me.

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Why Paid Directory Always Fail?

Paid DirectoryOver the past few years, I have witnessed a few paid directories that were very successful at one time, but failed in the end. The only one survived is, AFAIK. Their promotions are very interesting, they used different strategies but basically was getting high PRs and tried not to make Google unhappy at the same time.

  • Stage 1: Rent links from a couple of authority websites. This was good enough to get a high PR in the earlier days.
  • Stage 2: Rent massive links from a huge amount of websites.
  • Stage 3: Rent massive links, also build content to make the directory ‘useful’.

So, why wasn’t hammered by Google, I think there are three reasons:

  • It’s older.
  • It rents links for internal categories, not putting PR in the first propriety, or at least looked this way.
  • They charge pretty expensive submission fee, as a result, the listed websites are better in quality. And more importantly, not so many additions over a short period of time.

I have been running my own directories for over three years, I don’t do extensive link building, also quite few links submission. Gradually, they get good rankings on Google, for example, my personal finance directory is on the first page, as well as other two general directories nice web directory and appropriate web directory.

So, how do we evaluate a directory? Is it worth the submission fee? I would check its history and ranking. Is it over two years old? Is it on the first spot if we search its name? If it can’t rank well for its own name, we can be sure it won’t bring us any results. PageRank is the third factor, IMHO.

So if you're thinking about using paid directories, Don't do it

Traffice Jump After Server Move

Server moveThree days after the initial ranking drop, I started to see traffic jump across the server. I regretted the move after I found the new server had hardware problems, now I’m very happy. 

There are two possible reasons, if it’s not because of search engines’ random changes:

  • I’m using much more unique IPs, which is favored by Google. 14 IPs cost only $7.5/month, I should have ordered more, it’s even cheaper.
  • A slightly faster server, which makes more visitors patient enough to wait for the page load.

Anyway, it doesn’t hurt to give your websites a decent hosting.

I moved my websites to a different server, my poor planning caused a few hours unexpected down time. Most rankings on Google dropped several spots, which is really surprising! When transferring websites, my first concern before was to avoid data inconsistency, especially for forums. But I have to change my mind, avoiding any down time should be the most important thing.

Google: Don’t Be Nice!

Google LogoGoogle updated PageRank again, and this time, everything is different. The public message is that Google penalized some websites which sell text links, sounds fair? No, Google is slaughtering small websites, IMO.

Why? As a long time webmater, here is the path of small websites in my view:br /-In the early days, small websites could rank well on Google.

Then every one says Google is not evil. I still remember that I tried to recommend Google’s products to every one I could:

  • How accurate Google search is.
  • How innovative Gmail is.
  • How fun Google Earth is.

- Google becomes strong, tells the webmasters:

  • Your site has duplicated content, we have to ban it. Ok, sounds /Your site gained unnatural links, we have to ban it. Ok, sounds fair.
  • Your site was banned, sorry it’s a glitch. But as we don’t manually adjust the ranking, we can do nothing about it. Hmm? Sounds reasonable.

- Now Google is the king of the Internet, they could be evil now.

Small websites have no rankings, can’t sell links either, they are doomed to disappear.

Where should I start to remove Google from my life?

The best place to track Google changes is over on