How to Block Websites Manually

Recently I had visited a small company where the employee were hanging out their time with most of the social networking sites rather spending their time on their work. I feel that the complete working hours should be utilized for better production in a company. Obviously the employees are paid for their production hours not for their time spent on social networking sites so I researched on how to block various websites so that my fellow friends can utilize this in their office to come up with more production hours from their employees.

All you have to do is to follow the simple steps:

First Attempt on Quality Content

I learned that quality website needs quality content, which resulted a new site about personal finance. I did write “Not in very competitive topics” in a previous post quality content, but I didn’t realize it when I started the site. There are just too many sites in this field, not to mention the gov sites and some big guys such as cnn money. I didn’t get easy traffic from search engines, a dozen quality and lengthy articles only brought one visit so far (10 days), very unusual and disappointing. But today I found someone blogged the site, which is very exciting

I plan to keep updating it for 3 months, may reduce the posting frequency to 3-days or weekly after that.

Maybe you are wondering how I got the content, I bought all from, around $20 per article. It’s a little pricy, also the articles are inconsistent since they are from different writers. I think it’s necessary to find a writer with direct communications, I have contacted one, hopefully, he will write for me with more affordable price.

Evil Websites

A destructive virus, fileerror_22001, propagating via web pages emerged since one week ago, it damages Office documents on the infected computers, very few viruses are as evil as this one, as far as I know. Fortunately, Anti-virus software can detect this and give a warning, Anti-virus software becomes more important than ever.

Poor Internet Connection

Since Taiwan earthquake broke the cables under the sea three days ago, I can hardly visit any websites in the US. The complete recovery should take two weeks or so. I hate it.

Google seems to be one of the few exceptions, all services from Google work very well.
The last Google update favored my sites, finally! And they say it’s gonna be more frequent. Actually it already is.

Server Down Hurt Rankings

I moved my websites to a different server, my poor planning caused a few hours unexpected down time. Most rankings on Google dropped several spots, which is really surprising! When transferring websites, my first concern before was to avoid data inconsistency, especially for forums. But I have to change my mind, avoiding any down time should be the most important thing.