Indian Payment Gateways

As people have started opting online shopping, the need of payment gateway which is safe, secure and reliable one has become very important. So Nerdy Geeks brings a list of Indian payment gateways for its viewers.

What is Payment Gateway?

In simple, a payment gateway is a an e-commerce component that handles online payment from a customer via Net-banking, Credit cards, Debit cards. The payment gateway must be safe and secure in handling the transactions.

Which Indian Payment Gateway would you Choose?

Choosing the right payment gateway is a big deal.There are various payment gateways today. Even in India there are various payment gateway providers. The payment gateway should be chosen very carefully depending on the various charge the provider charges on. Also the payment gateway should provide good support and security with SSL certificate. To add more, the payment gateway service proved  The top one’s are as follows:

Busy Webmaster

Some webmasters seem to be extremely busy, I simply can’t imagine how busy they are. Submitted two links to a paid-only directory a few days ago, after submission I got the message that the links would be approved within 7 business days. I for one don’t understand why it takes so long for a directory with few listings. It’s not over yet, logged in today and I got another message: “Please allow ten business days for submissions to be reviewed and published”.