Enable Google Search by Image

How Can End User Use Search by Image Feature:

There are 4 ways by which a user can search by image.

Google also revealed that this feature doesn’t use any face recognition technology and there won’t be any threat for any privacy issues. The images in the usual search result will follow with a hammer tool which will indicate that the image can show results for search by image and has relevant information on that image.

To enable the Google’s search by image, install the extensions in Chrome and Firefox.

Alive Blog Directory

Blog DirectoryAlive directory has created a section specially for blogs. Has been watching the directory since it was started, I was always amazed that it’s growing so fast. No doubt the owner is very good at website promotions. Submitting blogs to such a blog directory a is a good practice as it’s one-time payment.

When you list your sites in paid directories, you should do some homework, for example, check the back links, the more, the better. Some new directories gained good PR by renting high PR back links, I would avoid them if they don’t have enough back links to make the PR sustainable.

Busy Webmaster

Some webmasters seem to be extremely busy, I simply can’t imagine how busy they are. Submitted two links to a paid-only directory a few days ago, after submission I got the message that the links would be approved within 7 business days. I for one don’t understand why it takes so long for a directory with few listings. It’s not over yet, logged in today and I got another message: “Please allow ten business days for submissions to be reviewed and published”.

AdSense Account

There are two posts regarding AdSense account ban, and both were reinstated later. I don’t know if it’s the result of more aggressive fraud detection or more care about the publishers from Google. It seemed to have raised panics around the publishers, or maybe it’s always like this. Anyway, it’s good to see that account reinstating is possible and doesn’t even sound very hard.

Second Try on Chitika

Chitika LogoThe AdSense CPC on my DVD software website is very low, I decided to give Chitika another try. This time I got very good ad integration due to the site layout – the software listing is very like Chitika ads, which makes the ads look very nice and like featured software. Also, I use famous software name as keywords, so all ads are indeed better than the normal software. I’m expecting a very high CTR, will report later.

I read forum threads about Chitika today, it doesn’t sound good. Many webmasters (most are from Europe) reported they were banned prior to the pay day.

Chitika eMiniMall

Chitika eMiniMall is a PPC program with an interactive and graphic interface. There are lots of great reviews on the webmaster forums, many webmasters reported it performed better than AdSense on some websites. The program is very suitable for product review sites, such as cell phone, digital camera or other electronic products. I decided to give it a try since one of my websites has a very poor CPC on AdSense.